About Miles 4 Milo

My nephew Milo was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour a year ago, he's now 4 Years old and like his Parents, Kevin & Sarah, is an inspiration to me. In just a year he's been through 2 major operations, countless Chemo Sessions, Radiotherapy, receiving blood, platelets and other treatments. All this without a moan or a grumble, in short, he’s a wee star. The teams at Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh and Great Ormond St in London have all to thank with his much improved health.

On hearing this news I knew I wanted to do some fundraising and after speaking to Kev & Sarah they asked that I raise money for CCLASP and this is why…

When Milo was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour a year ago, our world fell apart. Early on, you never imagine for a second that you’ll be able to have happy family times again. The team at CCLASP have been invaluable to us. The special events and holidays they organise, make the whole family feel 'normal' and their annual Christmas party is without doubt the most magical festive event I’ve ever experienced. CCLASP have given not just Milo but the whole family lots of special memories.
Miles 4 Milo Miles 4 Milo Miles 4 Milo

The challenge

I will Motorcycle from John O'Groats to Lands End in 4 Days which isn't much of a task however to make things a little more interesting, I plan to run 16 Parkrun's on route to Lands End. Each parkrun is 5km therefore a total of 20km running per day.

As well as donating I'd love some company over the 4 Days (am I asking too much?). So if you have a pair of trainers and fancy running with me please come along and if you like bring friends, family and dogs too (more the merrier)...I'll update you all with dates, locations and timescales...If you don't fancy running but have a motorbike then let me know and join me on one or more of the leg's.


  • 80km run
  • 7 Hours running across 4 days
  • 1,846 miless over 6 days
  • 37 Hours in the saddle

Any donations (no matter how big or small) are gratefully received and all your hard earned cash will be going to CCLASP and not funding petrol, cakes and or hotels etc. I'll be sorting that out.

Miles 4 Milo Miles 4 Milo